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This is a dating site for people who want to make babies

Do you want to start a family?
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FertileDating.com aims to connect you with people interested in all healthy means of biological reproduction. You may find here anything from sperm donation to marriage with the intention of having babies. Anything that is healthy and natural is allowed here. You are welcome if you are trying to concieve. You are welcome if you can offer your sperm, your help, your parental care. You are welcome if you are looking for a life long partner, or a responsible adult to share your parenthood responsibilities with.

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Frequently Unasked Questions

answer 1: We do not have an "app" because we do not want you to get stuck with us.

answer 2: We took pains to give you a smooth experience on mobile, but give it some thought, two buttons on a normal mouse is a huge advantage.

answer 3: In the ocean of Internet censorship we promise you never to do the thought policing.

answer 4: Yes, we are banned by Facebook because we promote fertility.

answer 5: No, you can't search for people of the same sex, because this is Fertile Dating.

answer 6: No, you can't filter search results by age either because we want all fertile people to have a chance with other fertile people.

We are banned by FaceBook