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November 2019

Welcome to FertileDating.com, the new website for everyone who wants to find someone to reproduce with.

We made this site because we were unhappy with the alternatives, who were either full of fake profiles, focused on barren dating or otherwise unreasonably managed. So we set out to correct all that and make the best fertile dating site in the world.

Our intention is to create the most welcoming and productive environment for all who aim to reproduce, and then it is up to you how to define dating. Here you can find a partner for everything from traditional marriage to coparenting to sperm donation, so just state what you are looking for in your profile and there should be a match for everybody. Not right away since we are just getting started as of November 2019, but this is our vision.

While we are not a fertility clinic and don’t offer any medical services, feel free to use us to get in touch with suitable partners for that as well, and then you can seek out IVF or other kinds of assisted reproduction together. Lesbian couples are also more than welcome to find sperm donors here, and gay men can donate to women who accept that.

We place a high emphasis on honesty and promise to never knowingly waste users’ time with deceptive prospects. Please be respectful and don’t misrepresent yourself. Fake or spammy profiles will be removed, and empty or deficient profiles will not show up in search results. To ensure visibility, please complete your profiles with a comprehensive description of yourself, a brief summary for the search page, a picture and location.

We truly believe that we are offering an outstanding service, both in terms of functionality and user-friendliness, far beyond most of anything out there. Of course it also needs lots of users to be great, so please spread the word and check back later for more prospects. Enjoy our free beta version, and good luck on your path to parenthood and love.

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