Terms of Use

FertileDating.com is a public place; whatever you do or say here may or may not be visible to others, and conversely, you may witness the behavior of other people. By using our service and as this is a dating site, you agree to receive communication of a romantic/sexual nature within the site from other users. You must be at least 18 years old to use our service.

We intend to keep private messages private between participants unless reported as abusive. Gamete donation offered through our site is intended to be free and altruistic, and we do not allow advertising either that, motherhood surrogacy or any other services for money.

We do not attempt to connect the data you gave us with your real persona. However, we require that you are a real person and do not try to pose as somebody else, because your implied intent is to MEET OTHER REAL PEOPLE, thus we reserve the right to moderate accounts and remove fake or otherwise abusive ones, as determined solely by our discretion. Only one active account is allowed per person.

We do not collect any of your personal data (except for the e-mail address); however, we reserve the right to log your activity (within the space of our website) to use these data for operational purposes.

We ask you to provide us with your e-mail address for the purpose of password recovery. Be aware that whoever has access to this mailbox may potentially have access to your dating site account (this is particularly ironic if you decide for "security reasons" to provide us a fake or someone else's e-mail address, so please use your own).

The location you gave us is being ROUNDED to the accuracy of a city or a county (if you choose so) -- the exact point on the map that you clicked is not stored in our database (also you are free to avoid aiming at your house on the map).

While we strive to keep the site safe and friendly, your safety depends on you and other users, not us. You are responsible for your safety in the real world -- which is entirely out of our control. All the restrictions mentioned herein that we apply to you, we apply them to all the rest of the users in order to increase YOUR safety, through increasing the quality of information that other users provide to you via our platform.

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